Are two virus protecting apps cause of mobile hanging?

 Are two virus protecting apps cause of mobile hanging?

Malwarefox anti-malware

With a large Android platform, it has become a favorite target of a hacker. But don't worry; Malwarefox anti-malware is there to protect your Android device.

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It can detect various types of malicious applications and files that can include adware, backdoor, spyware, keyloggers, phishing attacks, unwanted programs (pUA or PUP), and other dangerous threats.

Some features of this tool are:

250% file and faster application scanning

Protect personal data through anti-logging, which captures hazardous keyboard applications, SMS applications, and password managers.

Virus database is always the latest

Data protection and real-time privacy

Malwarefox Anti-malware has more than 100rb install and compatible with the Android 4.1 and higher version.


With 30+ years experience, F-Secure brings you sophisticated F-Secure products safe to provide the best protection for all your devices. The award-winning security suite is the winner of the 2018 AV-Test Best Protection Award.

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This protects against online threats of various types, including those who even advance such as phishing and ransomware, so all your family can be safe with their cellphones. F-Secure Safe is easy to use and is one of the best antivirus tools in the world.

Therefore, whether it is banking or just exploring the internet, you are safe with Ransomware protection, which monitors your folder and stops the hackers from encrypting them. Other features include:

Parental control by blocking dangerous content and setting certain boundaries to their screen time.

Finder, if you lose your phone, or be stolen.

My F-Secure account to manage your device and monitor their security status.

All of these features are available in free and paid packages. But if you want to get some more sophisticated features, you need to buy a paid package, Total F-Secure, start at $ 59.99 for 3 devices and 1 year. The features included are:

Private VPN to protect your privacy through encrypting your network and hiding your actual IP address when visiting a web page

Wi-Fi protection to secure your internet connection when using public Wi-Fi

Virtual location so you can beat the geo-restrictions and access the content you want while adding additional privacy layers

Tracking protection to prohibit advertisers using your information, which makes money while sacrificing your privacy

Password managers to access and save all passwords you use any device. It also tells you about passwords that are reused and weak and then help you produce new ones.

Online identity protection that uses 24/7 web monitoring together with human intelligence to find all your personal data from online violations

Warning violations When a well-known service is hacked, which can harm your account and data.

Good safe safe and total F-Secure compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10; Android 5 or newer, MacOS X 10.14 or Newer, and iOS 11 or more. There are free trials available for 3 devices and 30 days without banking or credit card details.