What is the present rules of RTO office for LL and DL in this covid-19 situation?

 What is the present rules of RTO office for LL and DL in this covid-19 situation?

Submit a learning license? No need to visit the RTO office again

Given the coronavirus pandemic, the function of the transportation sector is being carried out without contact, the publication of Sister HT Livehindustantan reported quoting a senior official. This will bring transparency in RTOS function in countries, he also said.

People who try to get a student license or find a temporary registration number for their vehicles no longer need to visit the regional transportation office (RTO) for verification. Given the social blasphemy norms because Covid-19, the central government will launch 16 facilities that allow you to do all that from the online portal. The Ministry of Transportation Union has stated that Aadhaar will be adopted as an alternative document for authentication and no other paper needed.

This will allow people to apply for new student licenses, updates, duplicate licenses, and temporary vehicle registration. They will also be able to change the address in their SIM and get international driving permission, NOC for registration, duplicate registration certificate, vehicle transfer etc. New rules are scheduled to be implemented by February first week.

Given the coronavirus pandemic, the function of the transportation sector is being carried out without contact, the publication of Sister HT Livehindustantan reported quoting a senior official. This will bring transparency in RTOS function in countries, he also said.

On January 29, the Ministry of Road Transportation and Highway also sought advice and objections from all countries related to the same notification. Countries have 15 days to respond to notifications.

New online systems will also limit people from getting many driving licenses from various states. The government also hopes that through this stolen vehicle registration racket in other states will also be closed.

The government in recent months has brought some changes to the rules of motorized vehicles. In October last year, the government mandated that people no longer need to bring physical copies of documents related to their vehicles including their SIM. It allows people to save copies of their documents on the government portal, MPARIVAHAN or DIGILOCKER. They can then show the documents needed to the traffic police if needed.

How Viruses useful in daily life?

 How Viruses useful in daily life?

Virus: You've heard badly; This is good

"Words, viruses, connotates morbidity and mortality, but the bad reputation is not universally feasible," said Marilyn Roossinck, PhD, Professor of Plants and Environmental and Biology Microbiology at Pennsylvania State University, University Park. "Viruses, like bacteria, can be a useful microbial that is important in human health and agriculture," he said. The current review of the literature on useful viruses emerged before the April 24 print in the Journal of Virology, published by the American Society for Microbiology.

In sharp contrast with gastrointestinal pressure which causes humans, Murine (mouse infection) Norovirus plays a role in the development of the mouse intestine and its immune system, and can really replace the beneficial effects of certain intestinal bacteria when this has been destroyed by antibiotics. Normal intestinal bacteria, healthy help prevent infection by bacteria that cause gastrointestinal disease, but excessive antibiotic intake can kill normal intestinal flora, and make someone susceptible to gastrointestinal disease. However, mouse norovirus infections really recover the normal function of the immune system lymphocyte and normal morphology of the intestine, said Roossinck.

The mammal virus can also provide immunity to bacterial pathogens. Gamma-herpesvirus increases the resilience of mice against Listeria monocytogenes, human gastrointestinal pathogens are important, and for Yersinia pestis, or known as an outbreak. "Humans are often infected with their own gamma-herpes viruses, and can be imagined that this can provide similar benefits," Roossinck said.

Herpesvirus latent also armed natural killer cells, an important component of the immune system, which killed both mammalian tumor cells, and cells infected with the pathogenic virus.

Gastrointestinal results of luxury mammals with viruses. So far, a little known about how these viruses affected their host, but their number and diversity showed that they had important functions, said Roossinck. For example, the GI virus that infects bacteria - known as fage - can modulate the expression of the bacterial gene involved in the host digestion.

Recent research shows that bacteriophage attaches to many mucous membranes Metazoa (Class "Animalia," which includes everything from worms to wombat). And mucous membrane, Roossink shows, is the entry point for many bacterial pathogens, shows that they provide the first line of defense against invasion bacteria.

Viruses also provide various services for plants. Some plants grow in hot land that surround the geyser and "artist 'PaintPots" from Yellowstone National Park. One of these plants, which is a type of tropical panic grass, is symbiosis that includes mushrooms that colonize plants, and viruses that infect the fungus. These three symbiotic members are needed to survive on boiling land on more than 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the laboratory, Roossinck has created symbiosis between fungi infected with the same virus and plant. This has allowed every factory that has been tested for the group to survive at this increased soil temperature, including tomatoes, he said, noting that he had pushed soil temperature to 140 degrees without killing plants.

Investigators have also found that certain viruses can make some plants tolerant of drought, and at least one example of cold tolerance given viruses has been found - discoveries that can be useful to expand the plants range.

Plants are often infected with "persistent viruses" derived from generation to generation, maybe more than thousands of years, with viruses transmitted to almost 100 percent of the descendants of their plants, but it has never been proven to be transmitted from one plant. to others. "One such virus, white Crytpic Clover virus, suppresses the formation of nitrogen installation nodules when adequate nitrogen is present on the ground, saving plants from producing expensive organs when not needed "said Roossinck.

Another useful virus is an old-fashioned retrovirus of making a permanent home in the genome, or who left the genes in it, said Roossinck. "Mammalian genes for synchritin, are important in the formation of placenta, is a retroviral ENV gene entered on several different occasions," Roossinck wrote.

"The virus is beyond doubts about the coolest things I've ever met," said Roossinck. "They did truly extraordinary things with a little genetic information. I was always a little disturbed on the bad rap they got, so it was very interesting for me to find a good one."

My ringworm start with in 6 month how can I eat food

My ringworm start with in 6 month how can I eat food

Diet for ringpap

Regardless of its name, ringworm is not caused by worms or other parasites; Instead, it was caused by fungal infections. It is characterized by red patches, circling on your skin, and can cause itching, blisters, and temporary bald patches. Although diets cannot cure ringworm or replace medical care, certain foods can help treat or prevent this condition.

Check with your doctor before changing your diet to overcome ringworm.

Rich vitamin food

Vitamin A can help improve the function of the immune system, help your body produce leukocytes that attack and destroy mushrooms in your body, according to the Certified Nutrition Consultant Phyllis Balch, the author "recipe for nutrition healing." This can help eliminate skin mushrooms that contribute to ringworm. Vitamin A is also needed for repairing skin tissues, which can help prevent scar tissue because your skin is cured. Vitamin A is found in beef and fish, eggs and dairy products. Your body can also produce vitamin A from carotenoids, especially beta-carotene, found in carrots, kale, apricots, mustard green, parsley, spinach and hot peppers.


Add fresh garlic to the main dishes, such as casserole, curry, soup, pasta and sauteed dishes, or for steamed vegetables or dipping oil for bread. Allicin, chemicals found in fresh garlic cloves, can offer antifungal benefits, according to Michael Castleman, author of "new healing herbs." Talk to your doctor if you plan to use garlic to treat or prevent ringworm. This food can encourage your blood thinning.

Food rich in vitamin E

Like vitamin A, Vitamin E is the enhancer of a natural immune system that can help your body against the fireplace - causing fungi, according to Balch. Vitamin E also plays a role in the production of skin tissue, potentially reducing scar tissue caused by ringworm. 


Cloves are stinging spices, a little sweet ones commonly used to spice up Indian dishes and Asian sauteed dishes. Talongkok's physician has used these spices for treatment purposes for more than 2,000 years, according to Castleman. Eugenol, an active chemical compound on the clove bud, can help destroy mushrooms that cause ringworm. Consult your doctor before adding clove to your diet to overcome or prevent ringworm. Even though the side effects are unusual, cloves can cause diarrhea.

15 'Virus' in 2020 that internet users in India must be careful

 15 'Virus' in 2020 that internet users in India must be careful

This is mostly a ransomware, malware and banking trojans aimed at stealing money or sensitive information from individuals and organizations. Some of the Android smartphone targets while others spread through office networks. Here are 15 warnings of this virus from Cert-in that organization and individuals need to be careful ...

Polok Ransomware targets government and health organizations

Cert-in reported "prolock" on August 2020. This is the successor to the Pwndlocker Ransomware strain that appears at the end of 2019. Ransomware affects the organizations of various sectors including government, financial, retail and health care organizations.

'Backdoor Virus' based OS Linux called Doki

Cert-in reports about backdoor-based Linux OS named "Doki" in August. spread. The attackers exploited boom cloud computing infrastructure which is usually based on Linux architecture to attack Linux systems and servers. The attackers targeted a publicly accessible server docker held with popular cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and Allbaba. According to the certificate, this attack is very dangerous because the facts of the attackers use container escape techniques to gain full control over the victim's infrastructure.

Blackrock Malware Targets Android Smartphones

Cert-in reported about Blackrock Malware in July. It is equipped with data stealing, and attacking various Android applications. "It can steal credential information and credit cards from 300+ targeted applications such as e-mail clients, e-commerce applications, virtual currencies, message delivery / social media, entertainment, banking applications, financial applications etc.," he said.

Clop Ransomware stole sensitive data and leaked it on the dark web

According to the certificate, "Clop" is active in attacker organizations / institutions throughout the world. Posting compromise Ransomware leaks information if the deal of negotiation negotiations fails. Leakproof information includes data backup, financial records, thousands of emails and vouchers etc.

Thiefrquest Ransomware Install Keylogger and Spy on Victims

This ransomware does not only encrypt files on the system but also install keyloggers, remote shells and steal files related to the cryptocurrency wallet from infected hosts. Even after the ransom has been paid by the victim, the attacker continues to have access to the computer and can issue the file and emphasis button. So, the attackers can impose the victim.

Conti Ransomware attacks the company's network and is operated by humans

Conti Ransomware infects at the stage and violates the company's network and spreads laterally to acquire domain administration rights to deploy Ransomware. Conti is a human-operated ransomware designed to be controlled directly by the operator than being executed automatically by itself, according to the certificate.

Wastedlocker Ransomware Targets Media, IT and Other Manufacturing Industry

Wastedlocker Ransomware is associated with the famous cybercriminal clothing "Evil Corp." which was previously related to some terrible cyber attacks too. According to certification, the attack mainly focuses on A.S. Organizations located various industries including manufacturing, media, IT, health care, and more.

Thanos is a ransomware-as-a-service tool that offers special services

The new Ransomware-As-A-Service (Raas) tool, called "Thanos" provides buyers and affiliate customization tools to build unique charges. This Ransomware family employs riplace tactics used to cut the security of the endpoint of anti-ransomware, according to certification.

Lucifer Malware targets Windows machines with Crypto-Jacking and DDoS attacks

"Lucifer" targets a Windows system with Crypto-Jacking and DDoS attacks. Reports show that this malware uses a complete list of critical vulnerabilities that are not seen, according to the certificate.

"Tycoon" targets Windows and Linux OS and is involved in a highly targeted attack campaign that targets small and medium software and the education industry. As identified, malware is deployed in targeted attacks on organizations where the system administrator is locked from their system after the attack on the domain controller and file server, according to the certificate.

Snatch Ransomware Processing Brute Forcing Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Account

"Snatch" interferes into the target organization network through a Brute Forcing Remote Desktop Protocol account (RDP). 

Victorygate botnet mines cryptocurrency causes the device to the heat

VictoryGate botnets using all available utas to do cryptocurrency mining produces a 90-99% CPU load so that it slows the infected device and causes too hot that can even damage it. Also, when the USB drive is connected to an infected machine, the file is copied in a hidden directory with a malicious code, according to the certificate.

EventBot Malware Read OTPS on Android Phones

EventBot is a mobile banking Trojan and Infousaler that abuses Android internal accessibility features to steal user data from financial applications, read the user's SMS message and an SMS message interception that allows malware to cut authentication two factors, according to the certificate.

Maze Ransomware targets the shortcomings in Adobe Flash Player and Windows

Maze Ransomware is often sent via email or exploit kits such as Fallout and Spelevo. Kit Fallout and Spelevo Exploit utilize the shortcomings in Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Windows (CVE-2018-8174, CVE-2018-15982, and CVE-2018-4878). In addition, the Ransomware labyrinth uses remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and evil ads as the attack vector, according to the certificate.

Kinsing malware affects the docker container to mine cryptocurrency

"Kinsing" was reported that hunting for labor-affected labor openly and infected them with a container who runs Crypto miners, according to the certificate.

parwal virus of dogs can it transfer to humans

 parwal virus of dogs can it transfer to humans

Canine parvovirus, often called parvo, is a serious and very contagious virus that affects most Canid (dogs, wolves, foxes, coyotes, etc.). This fatal potential disease attacks the cells splitting in the body.

What is Parvo?

Canine Parvo is a virus that causes severe diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, and lethargy to dogs but is not contagious to humans.1 Parvo refers to various viral strains that affect other species, and even though they are the same type of viral, they are usually specific specific. In rare cases, certain strains can spread to cats. If you think your dog or puppy has a symptom of parvo, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Symptoms of parvo in dogs

Parvovirus is very dangerous because it attacks the cells that divide quickly in the bone marrow and animal intestines. After the bone marrow is affected, the number of animal blood cells goes down, increasing the risk of infection, and the immune system starts to be closed. When the intestinal cells are affected, the intestinal layer becomes damaged and the body is no longer able to absorb nutrients or digest food correctly. 

Parvo usually causes bloody diarrhea with smells much worse than normal dog shit.

When this disease takes victims on the body, dogs will become very weak and dehydrated.1 Dogs can develop sepsis, which is a blood infection that can occur when the intestinal wall cannot act as a barrier to bacteria.

Unfortunately, many dogs don't survive Parvo. Early detection and intensive animal care is the best defense against disease.

Not all dogs with parvovirus will show severe symptoms. In some cases, adult dogs can contract diseases with small symptoms (or not at all) but can infect other dogs.

Parvo can be a frightening prospect for dog owners, but can be prevented with routine animal care and maintain your latest dog vaccination.

Causes of Parvo.

Parvo most often affects puppies, but adult dogs can contract disease if they are not vaccinated.1 A dog whose immune system is compromised (due to other medical conditions) is also at risk for Parvo.

A dog becomes infected with Canine Parvo after coming into contact with microscopic particles from viruses from contaminated impurities. The virus enters the dog system through the mouth. Then it takes around three to seven days for disease to be active in the body.

Within a few days, the virus will start spilling on the bench. At this point it can affect other dogs. Symptoms generally do not appear for several more days. Viruses continue to be spilled in feces during dog disease and for several weeks after recovery.

Parvovirus is stable in the environment for a long time and remains feasible in areas where dogs play and relieve themselves. Shoes you can easily take viruses and transport them to other areas. A dog does not need direct contact with feces to sign Parvo.

Parvovirus particles can live on soil or other outdoor environments for five to seven months and even longer in cold climates because viruses can survive at freezing temperatures. If the particles are on a dog's or feather claw and then digest, the dog can be infected.


Medical History and Symptoms Your dog plays a big role in the diagnosis of parvo, but the final diagnosis is usually done after the Lab test confirms the existence of disease.

Most veterinarians will run tests on stool samples to detect antibodies for Parvovirus, which will show whether an animal has been infected. Many veterinarians have an in-house test kit to speed up diagnosis, where results are usually available within 15 minutes.

If a positive parvo test, your veterinarian is likely to recommend lab work further to assess damage to this disease causing blood cells and organs.

The faster your veterinarian can judge your dog, the better Possible recovery. Don't wait to see your veterinarian if your dog has signs of disease.


Unfortunately, there is no cure for Parvo. The basis of treatment is a supportive treatment. Home care is usually ineffective for dogs that become very sick. General care involves the following:

Intravenous fluid for rehydration

Antibiotics to prevent sepsis

Anti-emetic or anti-nausea drugs to combat nausea and vomiting

Antacid to prevent further damage to the gastric and esophagus layer because of nausea and vomiting

Worms because the existence of intestinal parasites can increase damage caused by parvo and inhibit recovery

Other treatments may be suggested depending on the condition of the dog and professional opinion of the veterinarian. This may include anti-inflammatory drugs, antivirus drugs, plasma transfusions, and more. In addition, Lab work needs to be repeated periodically to monitor the overall condition of the dog.

If your dog is treated for parvovirus, expect to stay in a hospital about a week, give or receive. In general, the survival rate with the right treatment is around 70 to 80 percent.

Home care is generally not recommended for Parvo because it is not as effective. However, if the cost is the main factor and the owner is dedicated, home care can be tried as a substitute for Euthanasia. It's important to know about your dog's care and follow medical recommendations. Survival is less likely with home care, but it is not impossible.


Once a dog has recovered from Parvo, his treatment hasn't ended yet. It is important to complete any antibiotic courses prescribed by your veterinarian. VET You might also recommend anti-nausea and / or anti-diarrhea drugs for several days.

Expect your dog bench loose for several days because the intestinal tract is still cured. Introducing food is gradually, ideally starting with a tasteless diet that is prescribed by your veterinarian.

Your dog will continue to spill parvovirus for about a month after recovery.2 Therefore, it should not be permitted in the public area for that time period. In addition, it must be kept away from puppies and dogs that are not vaccinated.

Fortunately, once recovered completely, Parvo dogs tend to have residual health problems. More good news: After a dog recovered from Parvo, it would be immune to him for several years or maybe a lifetime.

How to prevent Parvo

Because Parvo is a deadly and contagious disease, prevention is very important. This is how to protect your dog or puppy from Parvo:

Vaccinating your puppies and adult dogs. Make sure you see a veterinarian regularly and you report signs of disease on time.

Don't bring your puppy to public places or around an unknown dog before reaching the age of 17 weeks and fully vaccinated. Puppy immunity is unknown to around 16 weeks, and the immunity induced vaccine is not fully effective for up to five to 10 days after the vaccine.

While all dogs can be affected, puppies are most vulnerable to parvovirus. All breeds are at risk, but some breeds that might tend to parvo include Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, and American Pit Bull Terrier.3

Decontamination of Parvo

Because Parvovirus is very contagious on other dogs, steps must be taken to decontaminate the area where positive parvo dogs have spent time.

Even if the Parvo dog has spent a while in an area and has not defecated there, you have to decorate the area. Remember that Parvovirus can remain on claws and dog hair and can be transported this way.

At Vet Hospital, Parvo dogs are placed in isolation and animal staff cleaning with a specific whitening or disinfectant solution known to kill Parvovirus.

Other household chemicals will not kill area. Dirty beds must be discarded, sealed in a plastic trash bag before doing so, or washed in hot water and bleach.

If there are dogs or dogs who are not vaccinated who live at home, they must be kept away from contaminated indoor areas for at least one month.

Outside areas are far more difficult for disinfectants. Parvovirus can live outdoors above frozen temperatures for five to seven months, depending on the condition.

It's just safe for your dog to return to bleached areas after they are completely dry. Overall, your best bet is to keep puppies and dogs that are not vaccinated from the area until you can be sure the virus has died.

If you suspect your pet is sick, immediately contact your veterinarian. For health related questions, always consult your veterinarian, because they have examined your pet, find out the medical history of pets, and can make the best recommendations for your pet.

Literature survey on virus detection of HMM

 Literature survey on virus detection of HMM

Exploring the Hidden Markov Model for Virus Analysis: Semantic Approach


The latest work has presented a Hidden Markov model (HMMS) as an attractive choice for virus identification. However, until now a few studies have been conducted to identify the meaning of these hidden countries. In this paper, we checked HMMs for four different compilers, handwritten assembly code, three virus construction kits, and metamorph viruses to record similarities and differences in hidden countries HMMS. Furthermore, we develop hmm duel strategies, which utilize our knowledge of various compilers for more precise identification. 


Wong and stamp [30] have shown that a tool based on HID-

Model den Markov (HMMS) is effective for detecting meta

Morfic computer virus. This paper explores these tools at

more profound to better understand hidden meaning

stated in this model.

In other domains, HMM countries have

Connect with several fundamental aspects of Athand's problems. For example, caves and neuwirth [5] revealed that

Hmm with two hidden countries for English (written) LAN-

Guage in accordance with vocals and consonants. This paper is

teasing to reveal details about hidden countries and blocking

mine insight what they might give about the assembly code

In general, and the virus code in particular.

The main insight is a virus construction kit and meta-

The morphic code is basically another type of compiler. We

Test building models for four different compilers, for hands

Written assembly code (benign), for three virus construction

Kit, and for two metamorphic malware families. We are iden-

TIFY points that stand out from our model, record how handwriting

assembly is different from the code compiled and how the code is benign

Different from the virus code.

We take advantage of understanding of different models

More effective detect computer viruses. Traditional

Proach uses the virus code model and a hidden markov flag

Files as infected if you exceed the given threshold [30]. As a replacement,

We test files against several HMMs and different flags

submit as a virus only if the HMM virus reports the highest

The probability of observing files given. We support this approach

hmm duel strategy, evokes the idea that difference

Ferent Hmms compete with each other. Re-

SULT shows that hmm duel strategies reach superior

produce threshold-based techniques, and often done

Tive on identifying the virus. While some hmms have

leverage in other areas such as intrusion detection [8], this

The previous approach was applied to the identification of viruses


This paper expands on previous conference paper [3]

to enter additional source analysis of benign code and

Additional virus families, including Mwor worms [22]

specifically designed to avoid detection techniques

used by Wong and Cap. We also show how the threshold

The approach can be combined with hmm duel strategies to reduce the performance of the hmm duel overhead

Strategy without reducing the accuracy of the results.

- We explore the semantic meaning behind hidden countries

From the Hidden Markov model.

- We demonstrate the effectiveness of HMMS in distin-

Towards between different compilers.

- We develop hmm duel strategies, new technology

Nique to use some HMMs in virus identification.

- We develop hmm tiered strategies that combine

Threshold approach with hmm duel strategy, gain-

Ing the benefits of both techniques.

1.1 polymorphic viruses, metamorph viruses, and viruses

Construction kit

Signature-based detection is the main method of identity

Computer virus fying [29]. However, virus makers have

has a lot of sense, and has developed various counters

Measurement. One of the initial approaches used by the virus writer is for


Are two virus protecting apps cause of mobile hanging?

 Are two virus protecting apps cause of mobile hanging?

Malwarefox anti-malware

With a large Android platform, it has become a favorite target of a hacker. But don't worry; Malwarefox anti-malware is there to protect your Android device.

Screen shot from google play store

It can detect various types of malicious applications and files that can include adware, backdoor, spyware, keyloggers, phishing attacks, unwanted programs (pUA or PUP), and other dangerous threats.

Some features of this tool are:

250% file and faster application scanning

Protect personal data through anti-logging, which captures hazardous keyboard applications, SMS applications, and password managers.

Virus database is always the latest

Data protection and real-time privacy

Malwarefox Anti-malware has more than 100rb install and compatible with the Android 4.1 and higher version.


With 30+ years experience, F-Secure brings you sophisticated F-Secure products safe to provide the best protection for all your devices. The award-winning security suite is the winner of the 2018 AV-Test Best Protection Award.

Screen shot from Google play store

This protects against online threats of various types, including those who even advance such as phishing and ransomware, so all your family can be safe with their cellphones. F-Secure Safe is easy to use and is one of the best antivirus tools in the world.

Therefore, whether it is banking or just exploring the internet, you are safe with Ransomware protection, which monitors your folder and stops the hackers from encrypting them. Other features include:

Parental control by blocking dangerous content and setting certain boundaries to their screen time.

Finder, if you lose your phone, or be stolen.

My F-Secure account to manage your device and monitor their security status.

All of these features are available in free and paid packages. But if you want to get some more sophisticated features, you need to buy a paid package, Total F-Secure, start at $ 59.99 for 3 devices and 1 year. The features included are:

Private VPN to protect your privacy through encrypting your network and hiding your actual IP address when visiting a web page

Wi-Fi protection to secure your internet connection when using public Wi-Fi

Virtual location so you can beat the geo-restrictions and access the content you want while adding additional privacy layers

Tracking protection to prohibit advertisers using your information, which makes money while sacrificing your privacy

Password managers to access and save all passwords you use any device. It also tells you about passwords that are reused and weak and then help you produce new ones.

Online identity protection that uses 24/7 web monitoring together with human intelligence to find all your personal data from online violations

Warning violations When a well-known service is hacked, which can harm your account and data.

Good safe safe and total F-Secure compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10; Android 5 or newer, MacOS X 10.14 or Newer, and iOS 11 or more. There are free trials available for 3 devices and 30 days without banking or credit card details.

Is jiomart a virus?

 Is jiomart a virus?

No, jiomart is not any virus.To know in about jiomart read this article completely.


Jiomart is an Indian online wholesale shipping service, starting as a joint venture between the Reliance Retail and Jio platform. [5] Jiomart provides grocery and daily essential items from the nearest store. [6] [7] [8] This platform was launched gently in December 2019. A pilot was launched in the Select of Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan in April 2020. [9] [10] on May 2020, Jiomart was launched in 200 cities and cities in India.
Within a few days since it was launched, the Jiomart application crossed 1 million downloads. [14]

In October 2020, Jiomart signed an agreement with Avenue Infibeam. In this agreement, Jio will use an infibeam solution to power e-commerce services and digital payments.


Type of business


Site type.

Electronic trade

Available inside.

Hindi, English


December 2019; 1 year ago. 


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Served area

200 cities


Reliance Industries Limited.

Key people.

Mukesh Ambani (Chair)


E-commerce [2] [3]


Grocery Online [4]


10,000 (2020)


Reliance retail.

Jio platform.








Latest status

Why are viruses considered as cellulose?

Why are viruses considered as cellulose?

Cellulose-based virus filters

Viral filtration is an important step in biological purification and in monitoring the quality of microbiological water. Virus filters are also important protection elements for virus particles in the air. This review first focuses on cellulose-based filter media which is currently used for the size and / or filtration of the adsorptive virus from samples of biopharmaceutical water and the environment. Data from spiking studies measure the performance of detailed cellulose filtration filtration, namely, first, the reduction capacity of the cellulose fiber filter reduction which is regenerated in the process of making blood and, second products, the efficiency of the recovery of the virus / concentration of water samples with the viradel method (adsorption-elution virus) Use modified charges, electropositive cellulose filters or conventional electronegative cellulose ester microfilts. Virus analysis of field water samples with Viradel techniques is also surveyed. This review then describes cellulose-based filter media used in individual protection equipment on air virus pathogens, presents innovative filtration media with virusidal properties. Some pros and cons of cellulose virus filters and perspectives for cellulose-based materials in viral filtration are underlined in a review.

Cellulose-based water filters coated with copper for viral retention

Despite recent efforts in the modernization of water treatment facilities, the problem of access to healthy drinking water for hundreds of millions of people is still unsolved. Water filters based on cu-coated nanulous cellulose with controlled porosity are prepared by the method of "paper making". We have optimized mass and proper ratio of functional and pure nanulous cellulose for filter preparation. Bacteriophag MS2 is used to model human pathogens virion. We test our filter material in batch experiments and filters remain in stream experiments. Nanofiblilates Cellulose filters coated with CU are made by scanning electron microscopes, diffraction X-rays, specific surface area measurement (brunauer-emmett-teller), dynamic light scattering, and inductively combining plasma mass spectroscopy. Our measurements prove that nanofibers cellulose fixation plays an important role in the level of virus retention and greatly increases filtration efficiency. Using this functioning water filter, we can achieve a minimum virus retention of 5 magnitudes (5log) in three different pH values: 5.0, 7.5, and 9.

The membrane process has proven to be the Vanguard of a water purification method, as a conventional technique that has been used for decades (i.e., coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, etc.) is not efficient in terms of removing viruses.

CU-NFC film investigation

The results of the X-ray diffraction study (XRD) are presented in Figure 2. These studies reveal reflection of 111, 200 and 220 of Cu metals, (25) and reflection with a full width with half maximum 2θ = 22. ° Can be assigned to NFC , (26) The results show that the surface of the NFC was named Pamili with metal cu. Although feehling's reaction was known to produce Cu2o, our study relied on the phenomenon discussed in 1915 that applying excess reducity can produce metal cu

Representative electron microscope (SEM) micrograph is shown in Figure 1C-e. The round structure of 1-5 μm in diameter (in orange after applying fake manual coloring for better visibility) shows the metal cu on the surface of the fiber. SEM studies on higher magnification (Figure 1e) show that many particles are partially embedded into a three-dimensional (3D) structure of the filter. It facilitates a longer stay time than CU particles in the filter by limiting their escape into drinking water and therefore overdose cu.

Superheroes who created viruses in comics

 Superheroes who created viruses in comics

10 of the deadly viruses Marvel, rank

From the extreme to the feared heritage virus, here are some of the most dangerous viruses in Marvel's history.

Super Heroes from Marvel Comics Universe have to deal with many threats because their stories begin to be revealed. The galaxy warlord, alternative reality, sadistic killer, and alien competitions are all responsible for some of the biggest dangers for Bumi-616, but there are also some severe killers too.

Viruses have killed many heroes, and caused others to suffer a terrible transformation, so we just thought of seeing the 10th most deadly virus in Marvel's history. Have they affected a handful of people or all civilizations, this biological hazard has become a monumental threat to many of our favorite characters.


The 10 most confusing origin in Marvel Comics, ranked by the least reason they make sense

Virus X.

Mental organisms designed only to kill (or short modok) began as a technician for A.Im., but after being too ambitious for his own good, he finally killed his former friend of his scientist. In Marvel Two-in-One # 81, he tested a deadly virus known as the X virus and showed the world how bad it was.

The problem is infected by it, and starting mutants into a more terrible version of itself. After the antidote was finally found, the giant man decided to use it to cure Ben Grimm, even though he could use it to himself to clean the cancer body. While it did not infect many people, the influence on the object was never fun to see. Thanks to Bill Foster's help, he returned to normal again.


Made by the sublime corporate lobe, Contagion X - or HX-N1 because it is also known - is a synthetic virus that can weaken the mutant strength, making it useless. It shows symptoms that are familiar to influenza, and have the ability to show influence within a few hours because the nano machine is capable of replicating the structure of the virus.

Wolverine and Magneto are only two of the affected mutants, with the former gain blood poisoning because of Adamantium which is attached to the frame. When the lobe was infected by the disease gave her mutant ability. As a way to clean himself from a virus, he managed to save himself and create a drug for infected mutants.

Extreme virus

FuturePharm is a subsidiary of the Stark industry, and is there that extremis was created. It was a type of super soldier serum found by Dr. Aldrich Killan and Maya Hansen, provide super-infected human abilities. Criminals known as Mallen were infected with extremes, but was killed by Iron Man.

The fact that the drug can provide normal normal individuals is a concern for Iron Man, as one of its biggest enemies, Mandarin, wants it for himself. It's chaotic with natural evolution, and can be proven to be deadly if in the wrong hand. With great strength comes great responsibility, but those who use it are not always responsible.

Ultimo virus.

Super Heroes from Marvel Comics Universe have to deal with many threats because their stories begin to be revealed. The galaxy warlord, alternative reality, sadistic killer, and alien competitions are all responsible for some of the biggest dangers for Bumi-616, but there are also some severe killers too.

Ultimo is an enemy of Iron Man, created by an alien race which he finally destroyed.  Phillip Prometheus creates an ultimo virus, which can change anyone who is infected into a supernhuman version of themselves.

Whether it's animals, plants, cyborg, or humans, viruses embed similar properties of killer machines, such as healing capabilities, laser visions, and super power and speed. It is very strong that it can even affect the god, such as the infected time of Ares, but thanks to the efforts of the battle of war and iron patriots, stopped from doing damage to the earth's population.

Reaver Virus

Made by Kirk Jansen, Virus Reaver transforms who is infected into a dangerous cyber-organic threat. Their main goal was to kill mutants, because Magneto was found in X-Men Blue # 33. After visiting the post-apocalyptic future where most of the mutanbind had been killed as a result of the spread, he returned to the present with the intention of killing responsible scientists ,

It was never intended to take the form carried out, but hatred was the cause of its spread. Magneto often runs among the good and evil, and at the best when he is pushed towards two pools carefully at each end of the spectrum. This storyline is one of the best, and it brings one of the most destructive viruses that exist.

Hunger virus.

A guardian infected with the starvation virus was sent to earth-2149 by observers, and quickly changed everyone to zombies. Just like every well-known version of Undead in Comics, film, and video games, this virus is spread through a bite, and it causes every superhero to turn into meat eating monster.

Heroes with accelerated healing abilities will still be vulnerable, but it takes a little longer. However, in the end, when the process is complete, there is no soul that lives safely. It infects the world within 24 hours, and people like four fantastic, spider-man, Captain America, and Iron Man will be a victim of the hunger virus.

Carcass virus

Like the hunger virus, the carcass virus was messy with the host's brain and began degrading their souls, in the end they turned their brains to porridge. They become angry and psychotic, break down their cells and cause their bodies to stop functioning. Even though there is no cure, it can be controlled by pill consumption.

On Earth-616, it was created by the wolf to cause countless destruction in Manhattan, but fortunately Spider-Man and Splinlet Spider managed to stop him. Another version is infected with a different universe and is the result of new technology U technology and Parker who gather to use cloning body parts for organ transplants.

Ultron virus.

Anyone who has heard Ultron know exactly how evil the Sentimia A.I. I s. Made by Hank PYM, Ultron soon became the ultimate destruction weapon, and the Ultron virus is a tool used to change anyone infected with another version of a malignant machine.

After sticking to the host, it took over and turned it into another ultron version, hiding the tendency of the same murder and hatred that Ultron was capable of. Each thought and feeling of Ultron have been implanted on anyone infected, creating the Sentinel Ultron forces who are able to replicate their evil ways, encouraged to infect more people with viruses.

Transmit viruses

The transmode virus has the ability to change the living network into technology, creating organic techno cells to function like individual machines that store every little information about their operators. In this way, one cell can rebuild the host if needed. Infected individuals can eventually become one of the phalanx - cybernetic species made by techniques.

The technicality is an alien race (members of the most famous species that are warlock and magnus) that can change, which explores the universe looking for creatures to infect viruses so that they can then eat their energy. 

There are other variants of the virus used by Apocalypse, which managed to infect Young Summer Nathan. This causes teleportation to the future, and so the cable becomes.

Legacy virus

Perhaps one of the most famous viruses in the pages of Marvel Comics Universe, the legacy virus causes innumerable destruction many mutants. It was made by evil cable clones known as stryfe - mutants from 2,000 years in the future. The virus destroyed many mutants, including the Colossus Illillana sister.

There are three versions of the virus, each triggering when the mutant will use their strength after first contracting the disease. It has returned for years in comics, but the most famous version on it was abolished when Colossus sacrificed himself to save all the Mutankind. 

Effect of environmental and nutritional factors on TOSPO viruses in tomato and chilli

 Effect of environmental and nutritional factors on TOSPO viruses in tomato and chilli

The tomato necrosis is a great disease; Caused by Tospovirus belonging to the BunnyaViridae family. Bioassay Necrosis affects tomato samples producing chlorotic lesions in CWPEA CV. C-152 necrotic lesions and chlorotic on Chenopodium amartantica part of the factory used for tests shows a positive reaction with the virus necrosis peanut buds (GBNV) polyclonal antiserum both in submitting imunosorben Anyigen which is directly bound and the submission of immunbinding dot shows the serologically association serologically related with GBNV. 

Viruses are detected in all parts of infected plants except secondary roots and the highest virus titers are found in the interest section. The nucleokapsid protein gene is reinforced from the necrosis leaf tissue affected by plants using a specific primer of peanut cult necrosis. This amplification is specific and can be reproduced, confirming the GBNV relationship with a sample affected by tomato necrosis. Field screening reveals that Alcobasa-V and PKM-1 are resistant to GBNV / Tomato Tospovirus.

How to make a virus as crystalline form?

 How to make a virus as crystalline form?

Although the Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) protein (CP) has been isolated from the particles of viruses and the crystal has grown in the buffer of ammonium sulfate for  years, until now, no one reports the recombinant crystallization of TMV-CP which connects peptides expressed in E. Coli.


In the current letters, TMV-CP which is genetically engineered is stated, where the hexahistidin tag (Him) or glutathione-s-transferase tag (GST) is included. Given that GST tags are long peptides and tags are short peptides, efforts are made to grow the TMV-CP Crystal Cleable GST-tag (WT-TMV-CP32) and TMV-CP enter the tag (WT-HIS-TMV-CP12) simultaneously in ammonium sulfate buffers and commercial crystallization reagents. It was found that the 20s formed the Disk WT-TMV-CP32 and WT-HIS-TMV-CP12 did not form high-resolution crystals using various crystallization buffers and reagents of commercial crystallization. Furthermore, the new experimental method is adopted where the cut TMV-CP range is built by removing some amino acids from N-or terminal C, and high-resolution crystals are planted in ammonium sulfate buffers and commercial crystallization reagents.


The new crystallization method was developed and 3.0 Å resolution macromolecular crystal by removing four amino acids on the C-TMV-CP terminal and connecting the six tags in the N-TMV-CP terminal (TR -HIS-TMV-CP19). The structure of the aggregate disk of four layers of TR-HIS-TMV-CP19 is completed. This phenomenon shows that peptides in c-terminus inhibit high-resolution crystal growth and peptide interactions in n-terminus are associated with the quality of crystal TMV-CP.


A 3.0 Å resolution macromolecular crystal from the TR-HIS-TMV-CP19 obtained and the appropriate structure is completed by removing the four amino acids on the C-conducting TMV-CP and connecting the tag in the TMV-CP n-conducting. This shows that short peptides affect TMV-CP crystal resolution.

Will this virus affect students those who have decided to study at Canada from 2021?

Will this virus affect students who have decided to study in Canada from 2021?

In one year standard, thousands of international students came to North American countries to pursue their studies. But, as you know, the 2020/2021 academic year is not normal.

The following is a complete manual for all many global students given to understand, seeing let's enter and study in Canada throughout Covid-19. From travel restrictions, to study application permissions, until the complaints of post-graduation work permits. We have discussed you.

Moving2Canada is committed to providing data that really dates in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Please talk to the tip of this text for our source list.

 Covid-19 News for International Students

Canada Additional Koosens Needs for Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWPS): At the Gregorian Calendar month 12, 2021, Canada announces further reduction in the feasibility needs for post-graduation work permits (PGWPS), such as international students still compact by covid- 19 pandemics , The new rules allow "international students to resolve their entire program online from abroad and still qualify for PGWP." This imposed demand applies to "all international students enrolled in programs that meet the PGWP requirements, and meet all the different PGWP criteria."

Increased travel restrictions to enter North American countries in the middle of Covid-19: Throughout February, Canada introduced many travel restrictions and special steps for anyone entering Canada. This includes replacement requirements for building mandatory for all air travelers, and new requirements for negative Covid-19 examination for each passenger crossing to the North American country on the land border with the United States.

पुराने दाद है? ठीक नहीं हो रहे? कोई बात नहीं हम आपको बतायेंगे कि कैसे दाद ठीक होंगे।

 पुराने दाद है? ठीक नहीं हो रहे? कोई बात नहीं हम आपको बतायेंगे कि कैसे दाद ठीक होंगे।

कई बार ऐसा होता है कि हम मैं से बहुत से लोग प्राइवेट डॉक्टरों से इलाज करा करा के थक जाते हैं लेकिन हमारी बीमारी ठीक ही नहीं होती ऐसी परिस्थिति में,  मैं आपको यही सलाह दूंगा कि आपको एक बार सरकारी हॉस्पिटल जाना चाहिए क्यों की सरकारी डॉक्टरों पर मरीजों की ज्यादा जिम्मेदारी होती है। प्राइवेट डॉक्टर केवल मरीजों से पैसे खींचने मैं ज्यादा दिलचस्पी रखते है लेकिन सरकारी डॉक्टरों को प्रशासन को जवाब देना होता हैः। 

स्टेप वन-

 सब पहले आप सरकारी हॉस्पिटल जाये वहां काउंटर पे एक रूपए का परचा बनवाये। हो  सके तो आप थोड़ा जल्दी पहुंच जायें जैसे की सरकारी हॉस्पिटल सुबह के नौ बजे खुलता है आप पंद्रह मिनट पहले पहुंचें तो आपको भीड़ काम मिलेगी आपका नंबर जल्दी आ जायेगा. एक रूपए का परचा बनाने वाला आपसे पूछेगा क्या बीमारी है? आप बतायेगे की मुझे एक साल से ज्यादा पुराना दाद है सही नहीं हो रहे क्या करें तो वो आपको बताएगा की किस रूम नंबर मैं जाना है।

स्टेप- २

 अब आपको उस रूम मैं डॉक्टर के पास जाना है जो काउंटर वाले ने आपको बताया था। थोड़ी भीड़ हो तो आपको लाइन मैं लगकर थोड़ा अपनी बारी का इन्तजार करना है ।आपकी बरी आने पर डॉक्टर आपको पूछेगा की क्या परेशानी है तो आपको डिटेल मैं अपनों दाद की बीमारी के बारे मैं बता देना हैः। डॉक्टर दाद दिखाने को कहे तो दाद दिखा देना है लेकिन दिखाते समय वहां मौजूद दूसरे लोगों का भी ध्यान रखना है। डॉक्टर कुछ दवाएं लिखेगा अगर क्रिटिकल कंडीशन है तो कुछ ब्लड टेस्ट के लिए भी लिखेगा और बताएगा की किस रूम नंबर मैं कौन सा ब्लड टेस्ट होगा।

स्टेप थ्री 

अब आपको उस रूम मैं जाना है जहा आपका ब्लड टेस्ट होना है हो सके तो आधी बांह की शर्ट पहन के जाएँ ताकि आपको कपडे उतारने की जरुरत न पड़े । ब्लड सैंपल लेने वाला डॉक्टर आपकी कोहनी की साइड से ब्लड सैंपल लेगा अगर वह नस नहीं मिल रही है तो वो किसी दूसरी जगह से ब्लड सैंपल लेगा । फिर वो ब्लड सैंपल आपको देकर ब्लड जाँच केंद्र मैं जमा करने को कहेगा जहाँ आपके ब्लड की जांच होनी है तो आपको उस रूम नंबर पे जाकर ब्लड सैंपल जमा कर देना है ।

स्टेप फोर 

जब आप ब्लड जांच केंद्र पर अपना ब्लड सैंपल लेके जाओगे तो वो आपके ब्लड का सैंपल जमा कर लेगा और अगले दिन उसी समय आने को कहेगा तो आप अपना ब्लड सैंपल उसे दे देंगे और अगले दिन उसी समय ब्लड जांच केंद्र पहुँच जाएंगेः। 

ब्लड सैंपल लेने के बाद ब्लड जांच केंद्र वाला आपके पर्चे पे जो आपने एक रूपए देकर बनवाया था उस पर एक चिट लगाके देगा जिस पर एक कोड छपा होता है, उसे बार कोड कहते है  जिसे देखकर वो आपकी ब्लड टेस्ट रिपोर्ट निकाल के देता हैः। अब आपको उस डॉक्टर के पास जाना है जिसने आपको ब्लड टेस्ट के लिए भेजा था ।

स्टेप फाइव 

ब्लड टेस्ट रिपोर्ट लेकर जब आप डॉक्टर को दिखाने जायेंगे तो डॉक्टर आपकी ब्लड टेस्ट रिपोर्ट देखकर आपकी दवाओं मैं कुछ फेरबदल कर सकता है। आपको आपकी ब्लड रिपोर्ट के अनुसार ही डॉक्टर आपकी दवा और इलाज दोनों कराएगा। आपको कुछ इंजेक्शन भी लिख सकता है। आपको कुछ बहार की भी दवाये लिख सकता है और यदि सरकारी हॉस्पिटल की दवाये काफी है तो केवल सरकारी हॉस्पिटल की दवाये भी लिख सकता हैः। चिंता मत करिये अब आप सही जगह आये है, घर जाते समय पर्चे मैं लिखी सरकारी हॉस्पिटल की दवाये काउंटर से लेना ना भूलें।

सबसे ज्यादा जरूर चीज खुद पे विश्वास रखना है की एक दिन मैं जरूर सही हो जाऊंगा हम होंगे कामयाब, हम होंगे कामयाब एक दिन मन मैं है विश्वास, हम होंगे कामयाब एक दिन विश्वास रखते हम एक दिन अपनी बीमारी को जड़ से ख़त्म करने मैं जरूर कामयाब होंगे, धन्यवाद।