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Recover from mental illness during covid-19 pandemic


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Recover from mental illness during covid-19 pandemic

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Mental health problems are common. Here are some tips to reduce stress and take care of health-

Hold on. Take a breath. Think
Take some slow breaths: Breathe slowly through your nose, then exhale slowly.

Slow breathing is one of the best ways to reduce stress, as it signals your brain to relax your body.

Without judging right and wrong, just pay attention to how you are feeling and what you are thinking. Instead of reacting or reacting to those thoughts or feelings, write them down and forget them.

Connect with people
Talking to people you trust can also be helpful. Stay connected with people close to you regularly. Tell them how you are feeling and if something is bothering you, then share it with them.

Maintain a healthy routine
Do this:

Sleep at the same time every day you sleep and wake up at the same time when you wake up.
Focus on your hygiene.
Eat nutritious food at regular time.
Exercise regularly. Just 3-4 minutes of light physical exercise can also help, such as walking or stretching.
Set a time to work and rest.
Take time out for things that you enjoy doing.
Take regular breaks while working while looking at the computer screen for a long time.
Do not:

Do not use alcohol or drugs to fight fear, restlessness, boredom and social loneliness.

Have pity on yourself

During such difficult days when you are feeling very stressed, do not keep too many expectations from yourself. Recognize that during some days you can do more and less work than others.

Try to reduce the viewing, reading or hearing of such news which makes you feel restless or stressed. Get new information from trusted sources at a fixed time of day.
Helping others can also be helpful for you. If you can, then help those who may need help in your society.

Get help when needed

If it seems that you should seek the help of a professional, then do not hesitate to seek help. This work can be started with people connected with the health services around you. Help can also be taken from help line numbers.
Its purpose is to give information only. Contact a doctor for advice.
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