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Name of Corona warriors and their role


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India's 'Pandavas' in the battle of Mahabharata against Corona-

" Today, the whole country is fighting against Corona, it is our effort to win it in 21 days."
During the war of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna was a maharathi, a charioteer. Today, we have to win this battle against Corona, because of the 130 million nobles. "
On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this while talking to the people of his parliamentary constituency Varanasi.

Certainly no one can deny the contribution of the people in the battle of Mahabharata against Corona. But it is also important to mention the warrior and the charioteer.

Along with the warriors, the responsibility of winning the war also lies with the leadership. Look further, who are the main faces of this war.
1. Doctors and Para Medical Staff

A doctor of AIIMS had posted such a picture for the first time. Since then, this one line has become the most important medium to call the doctors.

There is a shortage of doctors in India, this fact is not hidden from anyone. The World Health Organization considers one doctor over 1000 people. But regrets there are not so many doctors in India.
Lack of masks, lack of gowns, lack of beds, lack of ventilators - you will have seen many Facebook posts full of all these complaints in your Facebook feed. But no doctor should have heard that we will not treat patients.

When we were coming out of the house and buying masks and sanitizers, hardly any of us would have thought of those doctors who have spent 24 hours in treatment despite the lack of these things in this difficult time. .
People are sitting in houses in lockdown, but even today they are working more hours than before. All doctors' holidays have been canceled. In this disaster, doctors and nurses have treated patients as family.

All those doctors are the first charioteers in this battle of India against Corona, due to which every Indian wants to win this battle by fighting.
Whether the doctors are from AIIMS or Medanta or Ganga Ram Hospital or Lucknow or Patna or any remote area, all are busy in their work.

But with these doctors, the work of para medical staff such as nurses, lab technicians etc. is being appreciated and the doctors themselves are appreciating them.

Because in many hospitals these people are not getting even basic facilities.
2. Prof. Balaram Bhargava, ICMR, Director General
There was no preparation in any country of the world for a new disease that came suddenly. No one ever thought that a new type of testing kit would be needed in the number of crores.

This is the reason that every country is facing this corona virus with a team of experts for itself.

Prof. is representing this team in India. Balaram Bhargava. He is the Director General of Indian Council of Medical Research, which is the Indian Council of Medical Research, which is engaged in new research to fight this new disease.
He assumed this position on April 2018. Pro. Bhargava is a professor of cardiology at AIIMS.

In India there is no shortage of testing kits for corona virus, so they worked with private labs and ICMR has given permission for two labs to make testing kits in recent times.

These kits had to be approved by the FDA before now. But in the absence of time, ICMR has approved on the Make-in-India basis so that it can reach the patients in time.
Recently, retroviral drug testing has been done on some patients, when and under which conditions it can be done is the subject of research. Pro. Only Bhargava's team issues such guidelines.

In India, when the corona is to be tested, in which circumstances can the scope of this be extended, ICMR is also working day and night for this.

Corona infection in India is still in the second phase and when it will enter the third phase, the responsibility of research on all these is also on their shoulders.
Pro. Bhargava has been honored with the Padma Shri by the Government of India.

Pro. Bhargava is also engaged in the design of a chest compression device for patients with cardiac arrest. London's famous Welcome Trust is funding his project.

A fellowship program is run between India and Stanford, which is known as the India Stanford Bio-Design Program. Under this, studies on how to make low-cost implants and devices are encouraged.
Prof. Bhargava has mastered this. Under this program, he has established the School of Biodesign in AIIMS, Delhi, which has so far invented 30 such devices. Because of this, 10 new start-ups have been established in India.
3. Luv Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Union Ministry of Health
There are new cases of Corona coming up in the country, or the steps the central government is taking in this direction, the information on it or the statement on what is expected from the states on the corona, all these information in this round of disaster till the media The most important role of delivery is being played by Luv Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Union Health Ministry.

Luv Aggarwal is a 1996 IAS officer of Andhra Pradesh cadre. Since 2016, we are working in this position in the Central Government.
They are responsible for the coronation of the team of all ministries on behalf of the government to deal with Corona. Love Agarwal hails from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh. He has studied engineering. Prior to this, he had an old experience of dealing with disasters while working in Andhra Pradesh. He has worked as a commissioner in the disaster management department there. Apart from health and disaster management in the Government of Andhra Pradesh, he has also worked in the Department of Education and Revenue.
4. Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Health Minister
39 days after the first case of corona arrived in Italy, the third phase of corona infection had begun.

The third phase of corona infection began 43 days after the first case of corona in the United States.

But even 54 days after the first corona patient arrived in India, we have not yet reached the third stage of infection.

Such is the claim of the Ministry of Health, Government of India. This ministry is commanded by the profession of ENT surgeon Dr. Harsh Vardhan.
Whatever efforts the Indian government has made so far to fight Corona is enough or not, there can be a dispute on this, but in time we are aware of the danger of this disease.

India started screening passengers coming from abroad at the airport from the month of January this year to fight Corona. Apart from this, the government had even set up a group of ministers in the beginning of February.
At present, the health minister keeps an eye on the condition of corona in the country at every hour and it is also responsible for giving information to the group of ministers.
Be it a safe hand college or social distancing- they tried all the measures to fight the corona and first they motivated people to adopt.

WHO Executive Director Dr. Michael Ryan said that India has shown the way to the world in fighting diseases like smallpox and polio.
Polio vaccination campaign was started across Delhi for the first time in October 1994 and the second phase was started in December in Delhi.

In the year 1994, Dr. Harsh Vardhan was the health minister of the state in the Delhi government. He started a large scale polio drop campaign for children up to the age of three years in Delhi and this was later implemented across the country.

For this work, he was awarded the 'Polio Eradication Champion Award' of Rotary Club.
It is clear that the strategy of India has to be prepared to deal with the outbreak of big and new disease, the old experience of this is being used by Harsh Vardhan.

He envisaged the anti-tobacco law in the country, which later became law after the order of the Supreme Court.

Harshvardhan has studied MBBS from Kanpur. Has been an MLA in Delhi five times.
5. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister, India
The way the world first heard the name of corona virus in Dinsbar last year. In the same way, 'Janata curfew' can be a way to deal with this virus, this is the first time Prime Minister Modi has told the world.

Before Prime Minister Modi announced it on March 19, hardly anyone knew about such a word.
In the history of India, the railway service which was never completely stopped, he showed the courage to take the decision to stop the railway service. Although the opposition is still questioning the government's decisions, people are complaining about not paying much attention to the healthcare infrastructure from the beginning and not providing adequate relief package for the poor as well as all affected sectors.
But not looking into history, the opposition parties are also appreciating the steps taken by the present.

Although people left the group clapping and playing thali, Modi was also criticized. But Modi gave an explanation and also reprimanded the people and cautioned them against its danger.
China took strict steps to fight Corona, after 30 people were killed, the step of lockdown was taken in Italy when the death toll had reached 800.

Compared to these countries, India took this step when the death toll of corona virus had not even crossed 10. Everyone is praising this tough decision with a tongue-in-cheek.
This war, like Mahabharata against Corona, India will win or lose, it will be known in the coming time, but mentioning these five people here does not mean that the contribution of the remaining people is less in this battle.

Apart from these, there are many such people, there are many such institutions, departments, who are not only engaged in making India's fight against the virus effective, but are also putting their personal lives at stake.
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