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Corona virus symptoms and remedies


Corona virus symptoms and remedies

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Hello friends, you are once again very welcome to our blog website corona specials, as you all know, we tell you all the home remedies for all kinds of diseases and herbs, using which you can get serious and serious illness. Can be tackled using home remedies!

You all will know that the disease called corona virus is going on in a very bad form, this virus started in China, it was first detected in Buhaan city of China, which is the condition today that every day 1000 of this virus in China daily. New cases are coming up and it will be sad that the impact of this virus is that two young men from China who are from Kerala in India!
Its effect has been found in them, so today we will give you the symptoms and prevention of this virus because even after doing all the research, scientists around the world have not been able to make any special medicines for coronavirus, even by doctors all over the world, the common fever for this virus. And cough medicine is given, but doctors have given some remedies and symptoms.
So let's know the symptoms of this corona virus
Dry cough,
Shortness of breath,
Sneeze too much and
Kidney failure.
Queens University Belfast is studying children and according to them the symptoms are being monitored, it also needs to be added to it.
Half of the children in whom antibodies have been detected have also been prescribed symptoms of Kovid-10. However, there has not been a chance to admit any of these children to the hospital.
Dr. Tom Waterfield, the head of this research team, said, "It is a matter of relief that the children have not become very ill with the virus. But we do not know how many children the virus has passed from them. 
As soon as these symptoms are known, you have to be alert and take all the precautions, including seeking medical advice.
But if you have a cough, it can also be a matter of concern.

Fever - Due to this virus, the body temperature can rise up to 37.8 degree Celsius, due to which the person's body can become warm and feel cold.
If any of these symptoms occur, the person is advised to remain in isolation and they are tested.

common feature:
Dry cough
Less found symptoms:
Itching and pain
Sore throat
head ache
Taste and smell
Skin rash or change in color of hands or toes
Critical symptoms:
Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
Chest pain or pressure
Unable to speak or move.
more than 2 weeks, then there is a difficulty in breathing and the risk of kidney failure. Also increases if a patient shows any symptoms, then it is necessary to get them examined soon.

 Always call your doctor or call before going to the hospital.
People who are healthy and are seeing few symptoms of the virus, then they should stay at home.
After being infected with the virus, it usually takes 5–6 days for its symptoms to appear. 

According to the World Health Organization , you should wash your hands with hot water again and again with soap, while laughing and while pulling, make sure to apply a handkerchief on the mouth and while going out of the house, apply a mask!

Prevention- If a person has these symptoms, then he should wear a mask. Avoid shaking hands. Avoid using objects of the victim. Also, stay away from wild animals!


 Avoid eating meat, like cold drinks such as Pepsi Coca Cola, avoid eating beverages like crunchy packet pack chips, avoid eating out of food items sold in the open. Stay closed for more than an hour, do not consume it at all!
Avoid intake of milk coming in packets. Avoid making sweets made from milk that are more than 48 hours old and most importantly if you are drinking a soup and that soup is manufactured in China or comes from China, then its You must boycott it.

See first thing, if you are found in any patient or in looking at the symptoms, then you should refrain from the above mentioned and get the patient examined immediately without any delay, it is still a medicine, no special identification can be given. Have been seen
Apart from this, you should keep distance from people coming from China. After the airport metro station visit, you should wash hands thoroughly and use a mask. And why did an important thing happen that the self-attack mechanism strikes first, then you should avoid taking your hand near the nose. If you follow these precautions, then you will remain healthy and we wish you all the best.
So friends, we have told you the symptoms of corona virus and ways to avoid it, because even after doing many research by scientists all over the world, no specific medicine has been made for it, but you all will remember that we have basil in our website Had told some such qualities which can prove to be very beneficial in saving from this terrible disease!
 Thank you!