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Anniversary gift to wife - Three acres of land on the moon

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Commemoration blessing to spouse - Three sections of land of land on the moon

Finance manager Dharmendra Anija of Ajmer locale in Rajasthan is in conversation everywhere on the nation nowadays. 

He has demonstrated the fantasy about purchasing land on the moon for his better half Sapna. 

On the eighth commemoration of his marriage on December 24, he has given the spouse an endowment of land on the moon. 

Addressing the BBC, Dharmendra Anija told, "I had just chosen a year back that on the following wedding commemoration, the spouse needs to give an endowment of the land on the moon. It has not been so natural to give this amazement. Dream has crossed numerous obstructions. The fantasy to purchase land on the moon has been satisfied. " 

Dharmendra says, "Purchasing land on the moon isn't simple, on the off chance that it were simple, anybody would have gotten it." 

Where is the land bought on the moon? 

Sapna Anija, spouse of Dharmendra Anija, says, "I was so content with the amazement of the land on the moon in the blessing that multiple occasions I was crying. Perhaps I am the most fortunate lady on the planet who has such a blessing." 

She says, "When I was asked at the program to think about the thing shock was being given to you. I felt that there would be a vehicle, jewelery or something unique. Yet, there will be a particularly extraordinary endowment of land on the moon. That musing was most certainly not." 

Three sections of land of land have been bought on the moon for the sake of Sapna on 14.3 North Latitude 5.6 East Longitude, Lect 20 packages 377, 378 and 379. 

Who is Dharmendra Anija? 

Dharmendra Anija and Sapna Anija are inhabitants of Ajmer, they have concentrated here in school and school. 

Both met and later wedded in Ajmer Government College. 

After marriage, Dharmendra Anija works together in Brazil for visit and travel and his folks live in Ajmer. 

Dharmendra Anija has been with his family in Ajmer throughout the previous ten months, he has a seven-year-old little girl, Riddhi. 

Dharmendra's dad Ramdayal Aneja is a contractual worker and Sapna's dad Geesulal Arnodia is a resigned bank director. 

Excursion from application to acquisition of land 

To purchase land on any piece of the earth, one needs to experience a cycle. Also, to purchase land on the moon, one needs to experience a long cycle. 

Dharmendra Anija applied to the USA firm about a year prior to purchase land on the moon. After the application was acknowledged, commonly a video meeting was held with the organization. 

During the cycle, their financial and family status was explored. Needed to experience a very long cycle of documentation. This whole cycle has required close to 12 months. 

Dharmendra Anija claims, "There are many phony organizations that guarantee to get land on the moon. Yet, 'Luna Society International' is the solitary organization on the planet approved to arrive on the moon." 

Eminence will be gotten if research is done on the land bought on the moon 

There are two kinds of land accessible on the moon, in this one gets the responsibility for land for one year. While others get possession for a very long time. 

Dharmendra Anija says that he has purchased three sections of land of land for a very long time. Presently they reserve the privilege to sell and move this land to somebody. 

Under the arrangement made while buying the land, in the event that their property is explored on the moon, at that point their eminence will be given to them. 

Caused me to feel like moon in the function as well 

Sapna Anija says, "When I got this astonishment, it seemed like taking the paper on the moon. I am extremely fortunate." 

Dharmendra Anija likewise made uncommon plans to give an extraordinary blessing to his significant other Sapna on their eighth wedding commemoration. 

He endowed this obligation to Ajmer's 'Rashi Entertainment and Events'. Since he needed that the shock of the land on the moon should likewise be given in a moon-like climate. 

Kausinok Jain, overseer of Rashi Entertainment, says, "When Dharmendra Anija drew nearer and said that I had purchased the land on the moon. I was amazed to hear, I don't know. At that point Dharmendra indicated me the 17 page archives after which we Surprise Made unique plans for the gathering. " 

He says, "Dharmendra needed to coordinate an occasion in which there was an inclination of being on the moon. For which we made long arrangements." 

The mists, moon and stars ascending to four feet in the program were made of LED lights, where the visitors present were feeling themselves to be available on the moon.

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