Recover from mental illness during covid-19 pandemic


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Recover from mental illness during covid-19 pandemic

be so kind

Mental health problems are common. Here are some tips to reduce stress and take care of health-

Hold on. Take a breath. Think
Take some slow breaths: Breathe slowly through your nose, then exhale slowly.

Slow breathing is one of the best ways to reduce stress, as it signals your brain to relax your body.

Without judging right and wrong, just pay attention to how you are feeling and what you are thinking. Instead of reacting or reacting to those thoughts or feelings, write them down and forget them.

Connect with people
Talking to people you trust can also be helpful. Stay connected with people close to you regularly. Tell them how you are feeling and if something is bothering you, then share it with them.

Maintain a healthy routine
Do this:

Sleep at the same time every day you sleep and wake up at the same time when you wake up.
Focus on your hygiene.
Eat nutritious food at regular time.
Exercise regularly. Just 3-4 minutes of light physical exercise can also help, such as walking or stretching.
Set a time to work and rest.
Take time out for things that you enjoy doing.
Take regular breaks while working while looking at the computer screen for a long time.
Do not:

Do not use alcohol or drugs to fight fear, restlessness, boredom and social loneliness.

Have pity on yourself

During such difficult days when you are feeling very stressed, do not keep too many expectations from yourself. Recognize that during some days you can do more and less work than others.

Try to reduce the viewing, reading or hearing of such news which makes you feel restless or stressed. Get new information from trusted sources at a fixed time of day.
Helping others can also be helpful for you. If you can, then help those who may need help in your society.

Get help when needed

If it seems that you should seek the help of a professional, then do not hesitate to seek help. This work can be started with people connected with the health services around you. Help can also be taken from help line numbers.
Its purpose is to give information only. Contact a doctor for advice.
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New Covid-19 strain not detected in samples tested in India: ICMR-NARI director

New Covid-19 strain not detected in samples tested in India: ICMR-NARI director
Passengers arriving from United Kingdom wait to exit from the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, in Mumbai. (PTI)

New Covid-19 strain not distinguished in examples tried in India: ICMR-NARI chief 

2 min read . Refreshed: 23 Dec 2020, 08:32 AM IST 


Dr Samiran Panda, head of ICMR-NARI said that whether the new strain of the infection will cause a genuine general wellbeing danger is indistinct as of now 

Any antibody against infection works by invigorating the invulnerable reaction against various segments of the infection

Pune: Mutant strain of Covid found in the United Kingdom was not found in the examples tried from different pieces of India, Dr Samiran Panda, head of ICMR-National AIDS Research Institute (NARI) said on Tuesday. 

Addressing ANI, Dr Panda stated, "We have tried examples gathered from the different pieces of the nation and haven't seen the freak strain found in the UK. We shouldn't believe that this will come to India."

"The transmission and seriousness of the illness are not known. This specific discovering should be seen in logical light and furthermore in the correct viewpoint. We should be vigilant as COVID-19 is another wonder and was obscure to the invulnerable framework. The infection changes under immunological tension for endurance and because of multiplication too," he clarified.

Dr Panda said that whether the new strain of the infection will cause a genuine general wellbeing danger is hazy as of now. "We are continuing following of the viral genome that is flowing inside the nation. In the course of the last six-seven months, the viral genome contemplates that have occurred including more than 2,000 examples that have not recognized this transformation." 

He said that India isn't where all the states are carrying on homogeneously. A portion of the states are seeing an upsurge of contamination. Social intercession which are the key anticipation measures for breaking the chain of infection transmission should be reinforced, independent of the new freak coming to India or not. 

Panda said that seven-eleven sub-kinds of Covid are as of now known yet not every one that is distinguished should be seen with alarm.

"It is the ideal opportunity for us to stay careful yet not to freeze. We need to monitor individual contaminated. Many are asymptomatic yet those indicative, would they say they are recuperating admirably and keep on recuperating? The casualty rate is staying low? On the off chance that all the clinical signs like the seriousness of the illness, casualty rate are staying low, we don't have to freeze at all however we require to be careful that the researchers are going over," he told ANI. 

Any antibody against infection works by animating the safe reaction against various segments of the infection. It is untimely to believe that the endeavors to build up an antibody will self-destruct. There isn't sufficient logical proof to state that the immunization will fizzle, he said.

"We are having our observation. There have been an enormous number of the example tried and we haven't seen freaks. However, this doesn't imply that we can allow our watchmen to down, it will be awful," Dr Panda finished up. 

This story has been distributed from a wire office feed without changes to the content. Just the feature has been changed.

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Anniversary gift to wife - Three acres of land on the moon

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Commemoration blessing to spouse - Three sections of land of land on the moon

Finance manager Dharmendra Anija of Ajmer locale in Rajasthan is in conversation everywhere on the nation nowadays. 

He has demonstrated the fantasy about purchasing land on the moon for his better half Sapna. 

On the eighth commemoration of his marriage on December 24, he has given the spouse an endowment of land on the moon. 

Addressing the BBC, Dharmendra Anija told, "I had just chosen a year back that on the following wedding commemoration, the spouse needs to give an endowment of the land on the moon. It has not been so natural to give this amazement. Dream has crossed numerous obstructions. The fantasy to purchase land on the moon has been satisfied. " 

Dharmendra says, "Purchasing land on the moon isn't simple, on the off chance that it were simple, anybody would have gotten it." 

Where is the land bought on the moon? 

Sapna Anija, spouse of Dharmendra Anija, says, "I was so content with the amazement of the land on the moon in the blessing that multiple occasions I was crying. Perhaps I am the most fortunate lady on the planet who has such a blessing." 

She says, "When I was asked at the program to think about the thing shock was being given to you. I felt that there would be a vehicle, jewelery or something unique. Yet, there will be a particularly extraordinary endowment of land on the moon. That musing was most certainly not." 

Three sections of land of land have been bought on the moon for the sake of Sapna on 14.3 North Latitude 5.6 East Longitude, Lect 20 packages 377, 378 and 379. 

Who is Dharmendra Anija? 

Dharmendra Anija and Sapna Anija are inhabitants of Ajmer, they have concentrated here in school and school. 

Both met and later wedded in Ajmer Government College. 

After marriage, Dharmendra Anija works together in Brazil for visit and travel and his folks live in Ajmer. 

Dharmendra Anija has been with his family in Ajmer throughout the previous ten months, he has a seven-year-old little girl, Riddhi. 

Dharmendra's dad Ramdayal Aneja is a contractual worker and Sapna's dad Geesulal Arnodia is a resigned bank director. 

Excursion from application to acquisition of land 

To purchase land on any piece of the earth, one needs to experience a cycle. Also, to purchase land on the moon, one needs to experience a long cycle. 

Dharmendra Anija applied to the USA firm about a year prior to purchase land on the moon. After the application was acknowledged, commonly a video meeting was held with the organization. 

During the cycle, their financial and family status was explored. Needed to experience a very long cycle of documentation. This whole cycle has required close to 12 months. 

Dharmendra Anija claims, "There are many phony organizations that guarantee to get land on the moon. Yet, 'Luna Society International' is the solitary organization on the planet approved to arrive on the moon." 

Eminence will be gotten if research is done on the land bought on the moon 

There are two kinds of land accessible on the moon, in this one gets the responsibility for land for one year. While others get possession for a very long time. 

Dharmendra Anija says that he has purchased three sections of land of land for a very long time. Presently they reserve the privilege to sell and move this land to somebody. 

Under the arrangement made while buying the land, in the event that their property is explored on the moon, at that point their eminence will be given to them. 

Caused me to feel like moon in the function as well 

Sapna Anija says, "When I got this astonishment, it seemed like taking the paper on the moon. I am extremely fortunate." 

Dharmendra Anija likewise made uncommon plans to give an extraordinary blessing to his significant other Sapna on their eighth wedding commemoration. 

He endowed this obligation to Ajmer's 'Rashi Entertainment and Events'. Since he needed that the shock of the land on the moon should likewise be given in a moon-like climate. 

Kausinok Jain, overseer of Rashi Entertainment, says, "When Dharmendra Anija drew nearer and said that I had purchased the land on the moon. I was amazed to hear, I don't know. At that point Dharmendra indicated me the 17 page archives after which we Surprise Made unique plans for the gathering. " 

He says, "Dharmendra needed to coordinate an occasion in which there was an inclination of being on the moon. For which we made long arrangements." 

The mists, moon and stars ascending to four feet in the program were made of LED lights, where the visitors present were feeling themselves to be available on the moon.

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Corona virus: here people are wearing leaves with masks

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Covid: here individuals are wearing leaves with covers 

To keep away from the Covid, on the off chance that somebody encouraged you to wear a three-layer veil, at that point somebody may have additionally referenced the N95 cover. However, subsequent to thinking about the threat of Covid, tribals in certain zones of Bastar have begun utilizing veils of sal leaves as it were. 

Truth be told, when a gathering was brought in certain towns of Antagarh in Kanker locale, the tribals showed up there wearing covers made of leaves. 

A youngster from Bharitola town stated, "The individuals of the town found out about Corona when they came to freeze. We had no other arrangement. The townspeople don't have veils. That is the reason if the individuals of our town are out of their homes If they are leaving, at that point they are utilizing covers with Sarai leaves. " 

Patel Meghnath Hidco of the town said that when we got the data about the Covid, it felt that we need to take estimates ourselves since all the encompassing zones are far away from the town. 

Aside from this, it isn't anything but difficult to travel every which way in this Maoist influenced territory. 

Jeevanand Haldar, who works for a channel, during detailing in these territories found that the leaf-made veil is coming to starting with one town then onto the next. 

He told the BBC, "It was another experience for me to see tribals wearing such veils. Individuals from one town are utilizing covers and individuals from different towns have likewise begun wearing veils of their leaves. Adivasis use it one day and make another veil the following day. " 

Despite the fact that specialists state that such veils ensure to a degree, however it can likewise raise a ruckus in relaxing. 

Dr. Abhijit Tiwari of Raipur stated, "The ancestral society has been enhancing us all with its convention and information for quite a long time. Their customary information consistently astounds us. Be that as it may, on account of Corona, they are in an ideal situation than different residents of the nation. Live in their particular homes. On the off chance that essential, the public authority ought to disseminate liberated from cost veil in ancestral zones, which can be washed and utilized more than once. " 

State Health Minister TS Singhdev said that he will converse with the area gatherer in such manner. 

He told the BBC, "Individuals may have done it without anyone else's help, I don't think so. A NGO or social association would have taken a particularly activity. Well I figure somebody more likely than not stepped up and show the absence of veils." 

Ancestral custom and leaves 

Leaves have extraordinary significance in the life of the tribals of Bastar. They use Sal, Siari and a plate of Palash leaves, the two of them for food and Mahua leaves for drinking liquor. 

They likewise use leaves for the contributions of divinities. 

There is likewise a pattern among these tribals to focus on leaves hair part and wear laurels of leaves around the neck. 

Indeed, even these leaves have the greatest part in the occupation of the tribals. 

In Chhattisgarh alone, around 14 lakh ancestral families gather Tendupatta or Bidi Leaf, which is a major type of revenue for these ancestral families.

Corona virus: why there was a delay in making medical goods in India?

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Covid: why there was a deferral in making clinical products in India? 

Notwithstanding making enormous scope 'testing packs' to manage instances of Covid in India, PPE has been begun for the individuals who are occupied with covers, ventilators and wellbeing administrations. 

GD, the proprietor of an organization that produces PPE. Aggarwal told the BBC that the public authority has taken a choice on this past the point of no return. He said that work has been begun when the directions come. 

The Association of Medical Associations of the Indian Medical Device Industry says that the public authority has additionally freed the route for the creation from N-95 covers utilized during this period. 

After the connection between the associations and the public authority, notwithstanding 1.5 million N-95 covers, orders have likewise been given for making suits accessible for specialists and clinical work force ie 'Hazmut'. 

Where can the difficulties come? 

In the primary stage, notwithstanding 7 lakh 25 thousand such suits, orders have likewise been given to make 1,000,000 veils of three employ. 

GD Aggarwal says that a screw is just stuck in it, that the covers of N-95 will be utilized, there are numerous such things which should be imported in their creation. 

In any case, aside from the creation of PPE, the public authority has additionally looked for the assistance of the Ministry of Textile for covers, which will deliver around 1,000,000 tee utilize covers quickly and make them accessible to different conditions of the nation. 

In such manner, the Ministry has reported the setting up of a control room which will deal with their creation and supply. 

The public authority has now elaborate privately owned businesses in the creation work so that in the event that the circumstance emerges later on, at that point the clinical specialists of America, Italy, Spain and France would not need to confront the issue of clinical products. 

At the point when this debacle began in China, India gave numerous clinical merchandise to the Chinese government. 

Yet, the association that gives clinical merchandise says that this activity of the public authority was enormously postponed on the grounds that no privately owned business reserved the option to sell these products aside from the public authority undertaking - HLL Limited. 

The public authority was trading merchandise 

These organizations state that the indications of the plague began showing up in India yet the public authority had not restricted the fare of these clinical merchandise. 

On the 24th of March, the public authority chose to boycott sends out totally. Organizations causing ventilators to have likewise been remembered for this choice. 

'HLL Limited' used to purchase these products from privately owned businesses and afterward it used to send it to the public authority and different clinics. In any case, presently the assistance of privately owned businesses is likewise being taken. 

In any case, till now, the specialists occupied with the treatment of individuals experiencing this pestilence in India discontinuously informed the public authority regarding the awful circumstance. Numerous specialists additionally attempted to advise the circumstance to the public authority by making their recordings. They said that for the fight they have been handled, satisfactory assets have not been given for them. 

Notwithstanding, the World Health Organization (WHO) says that a boycott or lockdown on individuals won't tackle this issue. This pandemic can be managed just when an ever increasing number of individuals are tried and treated. 

The public authority has additionally looked for help from the Ordnance Factory under the Ministry of Defense where a few veils and other clinical things can be made. Crafted by making covers has likewise been begun in the Ordnance Factory of Shahjahanpur, other than the assistance of Indian Railways is additionally being taken in their creation.

Name of Corona warriors and their role


Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

India's 'Pandavas' in the battle of Mahabharata against Corona-

" Today, the whole country is fighting against Corona, it is our effort to win it in 21 days."
During the war of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna was a maharathi, a charioteer. Today, we have to win this battle against Corona, because of the 130 million nobles. "
On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this while talking to the people of his parliamentary constituency Varanasi.

Certainly no one can deny the contribution of the people in the battle of Mahabharata against Corona. But it is also important to mention the warrior and the charioteer.

Along with the warriors, the responsibility of winning the war also lies with the leadership. Look further, who are the main faces of this war.
1. Doctors and Para Medical Staff

A doctor of AIIMS had posted such a picture for the first time. Since then, this one line has become the most important medium to call the doctors.

There is a shortage of doctors in India, this fact is not hidden from anyone. The World Health Organization considers one doctor over 1000 people. But regrets there are not so many doctors in India.
Lack of masks, lack of gowns, lack of beds, lack of ventilators - you will have seen many Facebook posts full of all these complaints in your Facebook feed. But no doctor should have heard that we will not treat patients.

When we were coming out of the house and buying masks and sanitizers, hardly any of us would have thought of those doctors who have spent 24 hours in treatment despite the lack of these things in this difficult time. .
People are sitting in houses in lockdown, but even today they are working more hours than before. All doctors' holidays have been canceled. In this disaster, doctors and nurses have treated patients as family.

All those doctors are the first charioteers in this battle of India against Corona, due to which every Indian wants to win this battle by fighting.
Whether the doctors are from AIIMS or Medanta or Ganga Ram Hospital or Lucknow or Patna or any remote area, all are busy in their work.

But with these doctors, the work of para medical staff such as nurses, lab technicians etc. is being appreciated and the doctors themselves are appreciating them.

Because in many hospitals these people are not getting even basic facilities.
2. Prof. Balaram Bhargava, ICMR, Director General
There was no preparation in any country of the world for a new disease that came suddenly. No one ever thought that a new type of testing kit would be needed in the number of crores.

This is the reason that every country is facing this corona virus with a team of experts for itself.

Prof. is representing this team in India. Balaram Bhargava. He is the Director General of Indian Council of Medical Research, which is the Indian Council of Medical Research, which is engaged in new research to fight this new disease.
He assumed this position on April 2018. Pro. Bhargava is a professor of cardiology at AIIMS.

In India there is no shortage of testing kits for corona virus, so they worked with private labs and ICMR has given permission for two labs to make testing kits in recent times.

These kits had to be approved by the FDA before now. But in the absence of time, ICMR has approved on the Make-in-India basis so that it can reach the patients in time.
Recently, retroviral drug testing has been done on some patients, when and under which conditions it can be done is the subject of research. Pro. Only Bhargava's team issues such guidelines.

In India, when the corona is to be tested, in which circumstances can the scope of this be extended, ICMR is also working day and night for this.

Corona infection in India is still in the second phase and when it will enter the third phase, the responsibility of research on all these is also on their shoulders.
Pro. Bhargava has been honored with the Padma Shri by the Government of India.

Pro. Bhargava is also engaged in the design of a chest compression device for patients with cardiac arrest. London's famous Welcome Trust is funding his project.

A fellowship program is run between India and Stanford, which is known as the India Stanford Bio-Design Program. Under this, studies on how to make low-cost implants and devices are encouraged.
Prof. Bhargava has mastered this. Under this program, he has established the School of Biodesign in AIIMS, Delhi, which has so far invented 30 such devices. Because of this, 10 new start-ups have been established in India.
3. Luv Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Union Ministry of Health
There are new cases of Corona coming up in the country, or the steps the central government is taking in this direction, the information on it or the statement on what is expected from the states on the corona, all these information in this round of disaster till the media The most important role of delivery is being played by Luv Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Union Health Ministry.

Luv Aggarwal is a 1996 IAS officer of Andhra Pradesh cadre. Since 2016, we are working in this position in the Central Government.
They are responsible for the coronation of the team of all ministries on behalf of the government to deal with Corona. Love Agarwal hails from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh. He has studied engineering. Prior to this, he had an old experience of dealing with disasters while working in Andhra Pradesh. He has worked as a commissioner in the disaster management department there. Apart from health and disaster management in the Government of Andhra Pradesh, he has also worked in the Department of Education and Revenue.
4. Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Health Minister
39 days after the first case of corona arrived in Italy, the third phase of corona infection had begun.

The third phase of corona infection began 43 days after the first case of corona in the United States.

But even 54 days after the first corona patient arrived in India, we have not yet reached the third stage of infection.

Such is the claim of the Ministry of Health, Government of India. This ministry is commanded by the profession of ENT surgeon Dr. Harsh Vardhan.
Whatever efforts the Indian government has made so far to fight Corona is enough or not, there can be a dispute on this, but in time we are aware of the danger of this disease.

India started screening passengers coming from abroad at the airport from the month of January this year to fight Corona. Apart from this, the government had even set up a group of ministers in the beginning of February.
At present, the health minister keeps an eye on the condition of corona in the country at every hour and it is also responsible for giving information to the group of ministers.
Be it a safe hand college or social distancing- they tried all the measures to fight the corona and first they motivated people to adopt.

WHO Executive Director Dr. Michael Ryan said that India has shown the way to the world in fighting diseases like smallpox and polio.
Polio vaccination campaign was started across Delhi for the first time in October 1994 and the second phase was started in December in Delhi.

In the year 1994, Dr. Harsh Vardhan was the health minister of the state in the Delhi government. He started a large scale polio drop campaign for children up to the age of three years in Delhi and this was later implemented across the country.

For this work, he was awarded the 'Polio Eradication Champion Award' of Rotary Club.
It is clear that the strategy of India has to be prepared to deal with the outbreak of big and new disease, the old experience of this is being used by Harsh Vardhan.

He envisaged the anti-tobacco law in the country, which later became law after the order of the Supreme Court.

Harshvardhan has studied MBBS from Kanpur. Has been an MLA in Delhi five times.
5. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister, India
The way the world first heard the name of corona virus in Dinsbar last year. In the same way, 'Janata curfew' can be a way to deal with this virus, this is the first time Prime Minister Modi has told the world.

Before Prime Minister Modi announced it on March 19, hardly anyone knew about such a word.
In the history of India, the railway service which was never completely stopped, he showed the courage to take the decision to stop the railway service. Although the opposition is still questioning the government's decisions, people are complaining about not paying much attention to the healthcare infrastructure from the beginning and not providing adequate relief package for the poor as well as all affected sectors.
But not looking into history, the opposition parties are also appreciating the steps taken by the present.

Although people left the group clapping and playing thali, Modi was also criticized. But Modi gave an explanation and also reprimanded the people and cautioned them against its danger.
China took strict steps to fight Corona, after 30 people were killed, the step of lockdown was taken in Italy when the death toll had reached 800.

Compared to these countries, India took this step when the death toll of corona virus had not even crossed 10. Everyone is praising this tough decision with a tongue-in-cheek.
This war, like Mahabharata against Corona, India will win or lose, it will be known in the coming time, but mentioning these five people here does not mean that the contribution of the remaining people is less in this battle.

Apart from these, there are many such people, there are many such institutions, departments, who are not only engaged in making India's fight against the virus effective, but are also putting their personal lives at stake.
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Corona virus symptoms and remedies


Corona virus symptoms and remedies

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Hello friends, you are once again very welcome to our blog website corona specials, as you all know, we tell you all the home remedies for all kinds of diseases and herbs, using which you can get serious and serious illness. Can be tackled using home remedies!

You all will know that the disease called corona virus is going on in a very bad form, this virus started in China, it was first detected in Buhaan city of China, which is the condition today that every day 1000 of this virus in China daily. New cases are coming up and it will be sad that the impact of this virus is that two young men from China who are from Kerala in India!
Its effect has been found in them, so today we will give you the symptoms and prevention of this virus because even after doing all the research, scientists around the world have not been able to make any special medicines for coronavirus, even by doctors all over the world, the common fever for this virus. And cough medicine is given, but doctors have given some remedies and symptoms.
So let's know the symptoms of this corona virus
Dry cough,
Shortness of breath,
Sneeze too much and
Kidney failure.
Queens University Belfast is studying children and according to them the symptoms are being monitored, it also needs to be added to it.
Half of the children in whom antibodies have been detected have also been prescribed symptoms of Kovid-10. However, there has not been a chance to admit any of these children to the hospital.
Dr. Tom Waterfield, the head of this research team, said, "It is a matter of relief that the children have not become very ill with the virus. But we do not know how many children the virus has passed from them. 
As soon as these symptoms are known, you have to be alert and take all the precautions, including seeking medical advice.
But if you have a cough, it can also be a matter of concern.

Fever - Due to this virus, the body temperature can rise up to 37.8 degree Celsius, due to which the person's body can become warm and feel cold.
If any of these symptoms occur, the person is advised to remain in isolation and they are tested.

common feature:
Dry cough
Less found symptoms:
Itching and pain
Sore throat
head ache
Taste and smell
Skin rash or change in color of hands or toes
Critical symptoms:
Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
Chest pain or pressure
Unable to speak or move.
more than 2 weeks, then there is a difficulty in breathing and the risk of kidney failure. Also increases if a patient shows any symptoms, then it is necessary to get them examined soon.

 Always call your doctor or call before going to the hospital.
People who are healthy and are seeing few symptoms of the virus, then they should stay at home.
After being infected with the virus, it usually takes 5–6 days for its symptoms to appear. 

According to the World Health Organization , you should wash your hands with hot water again and again with soap, while laughing and while pulling, make sure to apply a handkerchief on the mouth and while going out of the house, apply a mask!

Prevention- If a person has these symptoms, then he should wear a mask. Avoid shaking hands. Avoid using objects of the victim. Also, stay away from wild animals!


 Avoid eating meat, like cold drinks such as Pepsi Coca Cola, avoid eating beverages like crunchy packet pack chips, avoid eating out of food items sold in the open. Stay closed for more than an hour, do not consume it at all!
Avoid intake of milk coming in packets. Avoid making sweets made from milk that are more than 48 hours old and most importantly if you are drinking a soup and that soup is manufactured in China or comes from China, then its You must boycott it.

See first thing, if you are found in any patient or in looking at the symptoms, then you should refrain from the above mentioned and get the patient examined immediately without any delay, it is still a medicine, no special identification can be given. Have been seen
Apart from this, you should keep distance from people coming from China. After the airport metro station visit, you should wash hands thoroughly and use a mask. And why did an important thing happen that the self-attack mechanism strikes first, then you should avoid taking your hand near the nose. If you follow these precautions, then you will remain healthy and we wish you all the best.
So friends, we have told you the symptoms of corona virus and ways to avoid it, because even after doing many research by scientists all over the world, no specific medicine has been made for it, but you all will remember that we have basil in our website Had told some such qualities which can prove to be very beneficial in saving from this terrible disease!
 Thank you!